You should do date night. Futurist Chet W. Sisk. A lot of restaurants are now starting to offer date night coupons. The reason? People are looking for ways to reconnect in any way possible. They’re desperate to find human connection in a world that is experiencing a loneliness epidemic. We’re not just talking about incels and shut-in elderly.

We’re talking about people not being able to connect with other people in their own homes. Which brings me to date night. Date night is a fairly new tradition where people intend a day or evening to spend time with their someone special in an effort to create dialogue, communication, and contact. If you’re on the fence about incorporating this commitment into your schedule, let me share five benefits of this weekly event you may not know.

Stress reduction. One of the worst things we’ve embraced as a people is the concept of grind culture. It’s the idea that we have to grind ourselves to a pulp to get ahead. Date night at least gives us a temporary break from this deterioration of our mental and physical health. It puts the magic back into your relationship.

Date night takes the focus off you and work and into you and your partner. There’s no guarantee it will return your magic, but it will at least…

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