Futurist Chet W. Sisk

It can be argued that the source of many of our crises in this current world is our disconnection from each other, from the planet, and from ourselves.

Modern loneliness is a direct result of this disconnection. How many of us use social media today has only fueled the loneliness fire. How did this disconnection happen in the first place? It’s always been at the heart of modern thought — — the concept of rugged individualism, so-called self-made millionaires as a goal, othering as a practice, and every person for themselves as a guiding principle. Repeated messages affect behavior. The world we have now is a result of those repeated messages.

Fortunately, we have the tools to counter this kind of thinking. Humans are, by nature, a collective and social species, so it doesn’t take much for us to get back to our natural state and put loneliness in check.

Here are some things you can do personally, to counter the loneliness trend.

Acknowledge the fact that you may be lonely. It’s possible to be among crowds of people, and still feel lonely. Loneliness isn’t about your proximity to people, but your connection to them. Note how you feel and acknowledge it. That’s the first step…https://medium.com/self-help-personal-development/you-dont-have-to-be-lonely-five-ways-of-pushing-back-against-the-loneliness-epidemic-b30e16d1d782