I have the privilege of working with organizations around the country who are seeking to set up various ethics standards and guidance legislation for artificial intelligence so that the nightmare scenario of AI taking over the world, putting masses of us out of work, and becoming our overlords will be harder to come by. Each state is championing points they deem as super important, such as the following: 

  • Acknowledging that artificial intelligence is not a person. 
  • Always have an artificial intelligence governing council of humans.
  • Incorporate bias prevention tools to all statewide AI applications.
  • Incorporate facial recognition safeguards when a person claims AI made a facial recognition mistake. 
  • Forbid the use of data gathered by AI to create predictive models based on race, gender or culture.

These ideas for legislation are a good start, but what about a new set of ethics and guidance for humans who are making critical decisions for the rest of us? Shouldn’t they be held to the same high standard we’re requesting from the machines? It would be considered the highest form of hypocrisy…https://medium.com/ethics-and-values/were-hypocrites-when-it-comes-to-telling-ai-how-to-behave-6b97b081cfde?source=friends_link&sk=ac6f98e0874a56d169136be06ae93929

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Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash