I’ve traveled to over 30 countries around the world and found some interesting parallels in some of the folk tales. Many of the ancient indigenous stories often talked about some point in the future
where humans would go through a sudden change and we’d be transformed. Even some of my woo-woo friends here in the States used to talk about the world arriving at a moment in time when human beings would experience a sudden change in our consciousness. They called it “The Quantum Leap”. At first, I looked at this premise as wishful thinking in a battered and bruised world of modernity. Then I started thinking, why not?

Malcolm Gladwell clarified “the Tipping Point” framework in his book by the same name. He suggested small and seemingly insignificant factors can accumulate until they reach a critical mass, leading to a sudden and dramatic shift in behavior, trend, or social norm. Whether you want to call
it a tipping point or a quantum leap, we appear to be at a potential point of exceptional transformation. Now…here’s the fun part…Read More

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