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Keep your job. Expand your capacity. Uplift your life. Get the training that will help you become your greatest self. This 12 month program provides you with the following:

  • Monthly video classes.
  • A monthly online discussion with Futurist Chet W. Sisk
  • A quiz to test your monthly knowledge of the classes.
  • Online connections with other participants around the country.
  • An online journal to mark your health and well being journey.
  • A certificate of participation at the end of year.

We provide all of this for $89 per month.

The UBR Masterclass is a monthly, online series of short video classes designed to provide you with re-skill and up-skill training, preparing you for the new world emerging.

Your subscription allows us to fund the UBR Climate Strong Initiative, creating climate adaptive and resilient communities for historically disadvantaged populations.

Here are the experts you’ll meet with every month.

Chet W. Sisk
Futurist — trend analysis/problem solving

Kendra Sandoval
Climate change analyst –creative thinking/climate change understanding

Vanell Obcianal
Technology Specialist and Advisor – Artificial Intelligence/tech literacy

Towani Clarke
Total Health Lifestyle Coach – diet, exercise, peace of mind

Dr. Anthony Young
Psychologist – wellness/therapy

Jameel Mallory
Financial Advisor – business planning/financial literacy/wealth building

Each month, these experts will provide you with a new video lesson, a Zoom meeting where you can ask them questions and one-on-one sessions.