UBR Community

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When you become a member of the UBR Masterclass, you can post your 2-3 minute video of your adaptive and resilient business, project, message or idea on our UBR Community page, FREE. It’s all part of the package. We want to share your work that uplifts, empowers, helps us manage climate crisis, provides new ways and ideas to create new and connected communities.

Explore some examples of our community partners below – you can click on their photo to see their introductory video.

Utilizing Hemp

A Native American woman is training women of color to be Hemp entrepreneurs. Hear how she’s doing it.

Sustainable Housing

There is a housing development project in Lusaka, Zambia that uses affordable, sustainable material. The founders are looking for partners to scale. Watch the explainer video below.

Food Supply

One man has organized backyard gardening into a food supply chain for the Denver Metro area. Watch the video below.

Battling Colorism

One woman is building a global network to defeat colorism in Africa and Asia. Watch her explanation in this video.