It’s easier to get to your destination when you have a map. Here’s a simple one you can use for 2024. 

The first quarter, January through March. As an individual, you’ll want to make this the quarter of health and well being. We tend to respond well to the beginning of the year as a starting point, so leverage this tendency and put together your food choices, self care practice and exercise routine during this time.  Your odds of sticking with them increase dramatically when you implement them at the start of the year.

Businesses need to spend time reviewing the hits and misses of last year before laying out this year’s plans.

The second quarter, April, May and June. Wherever you are in the world, this is the time for Spring or Fall cleaning. Clear out the stuff you haven’t used in 6 months. That’s usually a sign that those things are not mission critical. It’s good to travel light.

For businesses, now is the time to…

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