There are five practices I’ve watched over the years with amazement…I’m amazed that they are legal and I’m amazed they haven’t caught up with us…yet. Here are the practices I see that are putting our future in jeopardy.

Driving to work from the suburbs to the city in your car. Did you know that commuting to work in a car is one of the top contributors to carbon emissions driving climate crisis? Yet there is pushback from companies about remote work. The commute model is holding us hostage to extreme weather events.

Consumerism. Has any of that stuff you bought made you happy for a long period of time? Okay, some stuff…maybe. But most of it ends up in a clutter closet after 6 months.

The Global Food Supply Chain. This is a creaky construct put together by duct tape and bubble gum. Blow hard enough, like during the pandemic, and the whole thing can …

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