Futurist Chet W. Sisk

If, by some miracle, we were to end all human-made carbon emissions in the world today, the damage that we’ve already done will affect all life on Earth for at least the next 200 years. 

This means extreme weather events are baked into the foreseeable future.

 This is why adaptation and resilience (creating a lifestyle that navigates extreme weather events) are just as important as mitigation (trying to slow down the damage already done). 

From the research I’ve done and what the experts are telling me, here are seven things we can do right now to transform our way of being so that we can thrive and succeed in the coming years.

Participate in community initiatives. Start looking for programs that promote climate adaptation and resilience in your community. These are different than climate crisis mitigation efforts. These are tools to transform our way of living to meet the changes to come.

Support climate adaptive and resilient businesses. These businesses will do well over the next few years as opposed to those who are unprepared for supply chain disruption and extreme weather chaos.

Shorten your supply chain by going local. We get a lot of cheap stuff from around the world because of the current world supply chain. This will change…https://medium.com/green-technology-environment/stop-complaining-and-get-to-work-seven-things-we-can-do-individually-to-become-climate-adaptive-6e15f6407a3a

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