The word revolution has been associated with political mass movements and the changing of governments, but it also can apply to our personal lives. We often say we want a revolution in our eating habits, exercise routine, or even our relationships. I suspect that many of you may not necessarily mean a revolution in your actions. You may be thinking about something else that may be more in keeping with what you really want… an evolution.

Let me share the differences:

A revolution, like the hands on the face of a clock, is simply the full journey of those hands around that clock. That makes a revolution. So if you’re thinking of a revolution, you’re thinking of change, but change is regulated by the constraints of the clock. Nothing new is really introduced…just the hands on the clock have simply changed places. It’s also true that those same hands will return to the point that they started. In a sense, in a revolution, you really don’t go anywhere. If that is your desire, then yes, you are correct in seeking a revolutionary act.

But when you speak of evolution, you’re talking about a different beast. An evolution involves not only…

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