My name is Chet W. Sisk. I’m the founder of Universal Basic Resources. I’m a futurist and a change management specialist.

Fun fact about my job as a futurist, it can be incredibly depressing because of the great challenges I see around the corner. Now, it helps that I’m a natural optimist, but even I need to boost my optimistic resources based on how things are currently trending. Let me share with you my five go-to’s when I need to pick myself up and dust myself off to go forward.

I drink green tea daily. Yes, there are some basic medicinal benefits that come from drinking green tea on the regular, but for me, it’s more psychological. I have associated my cup of green tea with centering whatever does that for you. Do it daily. I do a gratitude rundown. I don’t have to think very hard to remember some of the worst days of my life and realize I’m not there anymore.

Get some context for your life. By practicing gratitude, I don’t eat too much. Sometimes we eat a lot to cover up some deep sadness inside. May I suggest actively cutting…

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