In The Walking Dead streaming series, the notorious villain is a guy named Negan. One of his most quotable lines is “ People are a resource.” Outside of being a very despicable guy, he got that part right. People really are a resource.

Here we are, talking about how AI is going to take our jobs and leave us without income purpose, or meaning. Yes, it is true. AI is and will take millions of jobs over the next few years. But it will also create new jobs we haven’t thought of yet (something we need to do now). 

Even more, AI, through augmentation, will actually enhance your job and allow you to go above and beyond what you used to do. So instead of being the file clerk, you become the tech manager of filing and leave the drudgery of filing to automation. You’ll also have time to utilize AI to look for opportunities in the files you never would have had the time to investigate before because…you were doing filing. 

You use your insight to leverage the files to make the company more efficient because the tech offers you more opportunities to think through what’s possible.

But wait, there’s more.

Entrepreneurs can enhance the superpowers of their people by augmenting their positions with great tech. Organizations can leverage human insight and spirit by providing their people with the tools to manifest their ideas. Communities can become even more people-centric through AI and be better equipped to serve those who are displaced by technology.

People really are a resource…https://medium.com/@chet_69752/916d3d43b820?source=friends_link&sk=05b66b32e48c2806290275c6427c0ffb

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