Permacrisis is creating a new you. Permacrisis is what happens when you have crisis after crisis after crisis to the point that life is measured by the time in between crises. The AI transformation, political disruption, climate crisis, income inequality, pandemics…well, you get the picture. Humans usually adapt to these kinds of changes over hundreds if not thousands of years. Now, major global challenges are forcing you to change in an instant. That’s a tough challenge for most people, so if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or just plain lacking peace of mind, know that you’re not alone. It’s doing something to you. We don’t know what the end result will be for us collectively, but we do know things you can do to better adapt individually.

Get grounded. Develop a practice…yoga, meditation, running, something that involves your body and mind and spirit on a regular, say weekly, basis. This practice acts as an anchor in your life.

Step up your risk management. This goes for companies as well as individuals. Permacrisis creates a new set of ongoing risks we didn’t imagine before. Now is the time to re-asses everything from your insurance policy to your cyber policy. It will help you manage your anxiety.

Get mental health support. Again, for both companies and individuals, forget the stigma sometimes attached to mental health support…it will be those who don’t have that support that will suffer the most during permacrisis.

Become involved in a climate adaptation and resilience task or project. Anxiety often spikes when we feel we are helpless. Engaging in a climate adaptation and resilient effort helps the mind feel that we are not just sitting on our hands in crisis. This is something for individuals as well as something led by organizations.

Carve out head space for the unexpected. We are creatures of habit so we may not leave space in our heads for something we didn’t count on. We’re going to have to get used to holding the unexpected alongside the expected. — -which actually is good. It will make us more flexible, open to new ideas, resourceful and creative

These tools, regularly used, will transform you into a hardier, flexible, and adaptive human being. On October 10th at 2:00 pm Mountain Standard Time, myself and my colleagues at Arrow Intelligent Solutions will provide you with more tools on helping your organization become more adaptive and resilient…https://medium.com/@chet_69752/af7a4772b090?source=friends_link&sk=8bb6b08d6ae1807e6ce85bd410d4de36

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