The guy in the suit is smarter than the rest of us. Modern society’s most destructive fallacy futurist Chet W. Sisk. Due to the export of Hollywood images and tropes to the rest of the world, there is a kind of an assumption that guys in suits are smarter than the rest of us. We give them deference. We wait for them to make a decision, then we follow it.

We expect them to save the day because we figure they’ll know what to do. This obscene loss of agency on our part is a tragedy on two levels. One, it signals we lost our sense of agency, and two guys in suits have been wrong on many things like the rest of us. Here are some examples of their poor judgment.

We’ll wanna remember when they propose to lead us guys in Suits. Created an entire disinformation campaign to keep us from knowing about climate crisis back in the 1970s when we could have done something about it. Guys in Suits created…

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