Futurist Chet W. Sisk

Because most of us consume a lot of media on a regular basis (more than any time in human history) we’re also consuming a lot of false narratives. My job is to cut through some of that digital tidal wave of blah, blah, blah to give you the clearest insight. Here are five of the most popular myths that you’ll hear a lot about over the next year. Let me offer some context…

We’re doomed!

From climate crisis to AI taking over the world or the world falling apart all by itself, there are a ton of doom scenarios floating around the internet that has our anxiety on the rise. 40 million Americans are suffering from some anxiety disorder right now. Yes, things look gloomy, but just like when you lost your wallet, or got a flat tire, or got fired from your job, there is always a way forward. We simply have to remind ourselves of that truth and roll with other people who know it.

We’re about to enter a recession.

Yeah, and they said that 6 months ago. And 9 months ago. And 1 year ago. It appears some people want a recession and are trying to talk it into existence, but the fundamentals of today’s economy are different. Yes, in the current system that exists, a recession will come at some point in time, but don’t let the cable TV talking heads create it for you.

The older you get, the less you can learn.https://medium.com/motivation-inspiration/five-future-oriented-myths-you-should-stop-believing-e29c612cd41e