From my work helping people and organizations transition through change, someone will usually pull me aside and say “Hey Chet, I’ve discovered in this time of change that I really don’t know my purpose in life”. That’s what transition will do…make us get off the hamster wheel and ask “Why am I doing this?” I think that’s one of the greatest questions anyone can ask. Many of us are intimidated by it, but let me offer another take. It only means that we’re at a place of getting more out of this time on Earth as opposed to putting it on autopilot and letting it happen to us.

Years ago, I came to the conclusion that my purpose in life was to give it away…that is, don’t hoard your blessings…share them with others in word and deed so that they are blessed. That way, your spirit in the world lives on forever, long after you’ve transitioned to the next life. Holding on to things limits…

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