In my opinion, the job of a Futurist is to synthesize data, conversations, observations and intuitive thought into actionable suggestions for a client. People will sometimes mistake me and my work as a Journalist with people who read crystal balls and tarot. WIth respect to those soothsayers, Futurism is much more involved. It is a discipline just like any other profession. Nevertheless, I want to share some of the more interesting questions I get asked fairly regularly as well as my answers to those questions. 

Are we doomed? 

Depends. In the face of climate crisis, many of us will face a much more challenging and desperate world. We already are. In relation to AI being our overlords, no with an asterisk. If we don’t get in front of the technology and make it an extension of our greatest dreams and aspirations, evil doers will fill in the gap. 

Got any future stock tips? Yeah…https://medium.com/@chet_69752/25365ddfa978?source=friends_link&sk=a02fbc471970890ccde33cd31d463851

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